FastPay is The Next Game Changer!

IDEAL!! FastPay is the ideal solution for merchants who want to provide fast, secure, friendly service to their recurring customers. Easily bridge the gaps between traditional banking, internet commerce, digital currencies and the cash economy.

SIMPLE!! FastPay is incredibly simple! Your customers get a personal GenieCard and GenieChecking account, and then use only their cellphone number to pay for all their shopping – safely, securely and with ZERO direct contact needed!

FAST and SECURE!! It’s called FastPay because it’s is a self-contained, closed loop system. You NEVER have to deal with complex banking relationships! No credit card or banking information is EVER shared at the point of sale! And you get paid IMMEDIATELY!

NEAT and CLEAN!! Buy, sell and get paid with ZERO Contact! You and your customers don’t ever have to handle credit cards or cash again. (Do you even know where those things have been?) It’s ALL controlled with just a cell phone number! This is extra privacy and safety not available anywhere else!



Imagine how many people this would work for...


Service People


Call Centers

Network Marketing Organizations

Direct Marketing Agents

...or anyone working from home, processing FastPay payments on their cellphones, and getting paid in real-time.


YOU ARE GUARANTEED the following:

  • NO Monthly Minimums
  • NO Max Sales Limits
  • NO Reserves
  • NO Transactions Fees
  • Instant Pay Gateway
  • Free GenieChecking Account
  • Free GenieCard Platinum, Prepaid Visa Debit Card
  • Free Merchant Specific, Customer Service Phone Number, Local to you!
  • *NO Chargeback risk on your sales (Ask for details)
  • Integrated with your shopping cart for WOO Commerce or Magento Shopping Carts
  • FREE API for other Shopping Carts
  • FREE Merchant Gateway Training Via a Merchant Scheduled Webinar
  • Free Support
  • 10 Minute Application Process / 99.9% Guaranteed approval within 24hrs
  • Processing Same day of Account Approval
  • No Equipment to Buy EVER!
  • Recurring Payments Supported
  • Get paid by DEBIT card sales Instantly (NO HOLDS)
  • *Merchant Referral Bonuses (Ask for Details)
  • *Consumer Generated Rebates of 10% to Your Merchant Account (Ask for Details)


GenieCard The Only Card You Will Ever Need No Matter What Your Lifestyle or Credit History.


  • No Credit Check
  • No employment verification
  • No bank account needed
  • FDCI Insurance of $250,000 per GenieCard
  • Load your GenieCard with $5,000 cash per day
  • Over 100,000 Loading Stations Nationwide for cash deposits
  • Each GenieCard includes its own unique ABA Routing
  • and Account Number for ACH Deposit

GenieCard holders can now pay for goods and services simply by giving merchants their cell phone number – as the new way to pay.

Merchants ONLY need the customer’s cell phone number and the dollar amount of the purchase. They enter that information into their Genie Tablet and one click completes the sale. Customers immediately get a text message requesting their authorization. The moment the customer approves, the merchant gets paid – in REAL-TIME – on Genie Gateway’s closed loop payment system.

There’s no credit card or banking information exchanged, and there are no delays!

Customers are happy because they keep their privacy!

Merchants are happy because they get paid right away!

15 Reasons Why You Need a GenieCard Platinum

With GenieCard, you get all of the features you need from a bank account, with none of the hassles. A GenieCard account is perfect for someone just starting out, because you get the ease of ATM access OR VISA purchasing power, right from day one. Each GenieCard comes with its own unique ABA Routing and account number for ACH deposits.

If you already have a bank account, what could you possibly need with ANOTHER account like GenieCard? Two words - "limit risk". We all know how clever scamsters and crooks are these days - especially in the area of electronic banking. Fine - just use GenieCard as your low risk account for those times when you question who you're dealing with. By limiting the funds in your GenieCard account, you've completely limited your risk.

Just starting out? Haven't established your credit record? No problem! With GenieCard, first timers are just as welcome as old hands. You can have the convenience of either a traditional ATM or a GenieCard VISA card and full access to your money all day, every day. You can get a GenieCard with NO credit check and NO employment verification.

Black marks on your record won't stop you with GenieCard, because there ARE no credit checks. Everything you do with GenieCard is pre-paid, so there's no worry about credit limits, late fees or any of the other irritations of managing debt. Instead, you get the freedom of plastic, without the worry.

Are you in the upper regions of credit scores? More credit may NOT be what you need - just more convenience. And that's what you get with GenieCard. A GenieCard VISA Debit Card is a great way to separate those special purpose finances that don't belong on your personal credit card, or even on your regular company cards.

What do you do when you're looking for work, and you need a way to handle your money? Stick cash under your pillow? Certainly not! You keep it in a GenieCard account, so that you have full-time convenience with full-time safety. AND you're ready to go with a place for direct payroll deposit when you get that job offer you're waiting for.

GenieCard lets you avoid the worries of juggling multiple paychecks and multiple paydays. Just use direct payroll deposit from any or all of your jobs, and you're ready to go. No paychecks to lose, no frantic runs to the bank. Each GenieCard comes with its own unique ABA Routing and account number for ACH deposits.

Ever been on the road on payday, and wondered if your check made it to the bank? Not with GenieCard! With a GenieCard VISA, you know that direct-deposit happens on time, every time. And you also know that every dollar you need is accessible right away, no matter where you are.

Congratulations! You've made it through the working world and come out the other end. Now it's time to relax a bit, and a GenieCard account is the perfect tool. Whether it's your dream to travel the highways and byways seeing the world, or to kick back and fish that little lake hidden in the hills, GenieCard will make sure your money is safe AND accessible when and where you need it.

"Mom, Dad? I need money for [books, clothes, library fees, groceries, etc.]!" You name it and students need it. And YOU are going to pay for it. But why pay so much to pay so much? GenieCard can save you boatloads of cash over traditional wire services when you send money to your child away at school.

It may seem quaint or old fashioned to some, but millions of people still send money home to family and friends abroad. And all too often they pay outlandish fees for the privilege. Not with GenieCard! GenieCard lets you send money to your folks for a fraction of what "international transfer" services charge.

Just going down to the corner store? Odds are, the corner store now takes VISA, so be prepared with your GenieCard Platinum Visa Debit Card. No hassles with writing checks and no danger with flashing more cash than you meant to - just a quick, magic pass with your GenieCard. You can add funds to your GenieCard at over 100,000 Loading Stations Nationwide, up to $5,000 per day.

Shopping on the Internet lets you buy things from any place you want - from Austria to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. But cash doesn't fit through that modem very well. Use a GenieCard VISA instead! You get the global reach you want, with the security you need.

Paying cash is fine - cash makes no enemies. But CARRYING cash can make "friends" you don't want. So use your GenieCard Platinum instead. We'll carry the cash for you and you can pull out just what you need when you need it at any ATM.

With your GenieCard VISA, you have all the power of a charge card without the downside of mounting bills. Merchants the world over will take your GenieCard VISA, in person, by phone or over the Internet, so there's no limit to what you can buy. But the GenieCard VISA is pre-paid, so there's no fear of piling up debt that will come back to haunt you.


It’s easy to get started with our program. With just a few simple steps, your customers can be paying with only their cell phone number! No Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account information would be needed.

  • To get your customers paying with ease, all you need to do is email them a link from your gateway to order their own GenieCard Platinum, which automatically includes a GenieChecking account. Or if they are in your store, they can sign up on any of your computers or tablets. (Coming Soon! Sign up right on their own cell phone!)
  • Their new GenieCard card will be sent to them in 7-10 days, but there is no need to even wait for it! Your customers can load their GenieChecking account from their existing bank debit card, immediately after they’re approved (which happens almost instantly, based on the KYC laws).
  • The moment the customer has loaded funds into their GenieChecking account, they’re ready to complete a purchase from you, using nothing but their cell
  • phone number! From then on the consumer can add funds instantly to their account and pay you for their purchases. There are no chargebacks on this type of transaction. All of this is by using their cell phone number as the new way to pay
  • With either transaction type, the funds are deposited into your Merchant Cashbox in real-time (NO BANK ACCOUNT IS NEEDED FOR THE BUSINESS OWNER). Customer gets their product INSTANTLY and you get paid INSTANTLY.


To activate your own Agent’s account in 10 minutes simply click on the CashBox Agents button or the link below:

***Genie FastPay – Patent Pending - 4008t12EPROV